It's All Downhill

My son and I like go downhill mountain biking. That’s where you take a ski chairlift up to the top of the mountain (in the summertime of course), point the bike downhill and hang on. Inevitably the first few runs are always the hardest. I try hard to navigate around or through each and every obstacle, of which there are more than not. The ride is violent and tense and not easy. But as soon as I release control a bit, I start to flow over the obstacles. Whereas earlier I would be spotting each and every single obstacle whooshing by at what seems like 100 mph on a 3-mile stretch, now I’m looking further down the trail to spot fun parts. I lossen my grip a little on the handle bars and let the bike find it’s natural rythm. I feel more connected to the trail, rather than the trail being an adervsary.