Beyond the Now at Gallery 114

We are in a hamster wheel that endlessly spins in the "eternal present," making it feel impossible to move forward—our past offers no viable solutions to current crises, and our present, marked by complexity, acceleration and instability, is disconnected from any shared vision of the future. This body of work delves into the shared spaces between the past, present, and future, embraces the inherent uncertainty and searches for beauty in the struggle to envisage what could exist "beyond the now."

Affective Abstraction

Affective Abstraction explores the undisclosed nature of things. It immerses itself in the complexity, the contradictions and the chaos of our everyday lives. Rather than imposing a personal feeling onto the canvas, Affective Abstraction strives to draw something out of the canvas, some sort of broader mood or attitude, a collective felt experience. It describes an ineffable undercurrent that defines postcontemporary times. Read more



  • Solo, Beyond the Now, Galley 114. Portland, OR
  • Group, Artworks Northwest Biennial, Umqua Valley Arts, Curated by Arvie Smith, Roseburg, OR
  • Solo, Small Works, Cellar Z, Portland, OR
  • Group, Winter Exhibition, Jen Tough Gallery and Artist Alliance, Artsy
  • Group, The Space Between, Artist Alliance, Artsy, Curated by Michael Shemchuck


  • Group show, METAXIS, E. Serreau Studio/Gallery, Portland, OR. MORE INFO
  • Solo show, The Joinery at St. Johns, Portland, OR
  • Solo show, The Joinery, Downtown Portland, OR
  • The Sound of Forgetting, Exhibbit, Virtual Exhibition
  • Group show, A Thousand Words, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, OR
  • Solo show, Ongoing Renewal, Nest, Portland, OR
  • The Gaze Behind Closed Eyes. Exhibbit, Virtual Exhibition


  • Yellow Chair Group Show, presented by M. David&Co and Castle Hill, (Available on Artsy)
  • Virtual Residency. Michael David, Yellow Chair Salon
  • Two-person Show, Sidestreet Arts Gallery, Portland, OR
  • Virtual Residency. Michael David, Yellow Chair Salon
  • Vissage, Portland, OR
  • J.H., Portland, OR

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