Feel the Burn

I'm, we’re, tired of the cynical irony. The bitterness, the anger. We call out "others" but rarely take responsibility ourselves.

We feel it simmering, we know it's there. Gaslighting the irony. It's not our fault. It's theirs. We expose the hypocrisy of others yet we don't admit our own. Maybe we don't see it. Maybe we feel justified. Maybe we're all just tired of it all. We only want that knot in our stomach to go away. Constant, heavy, prickly, cold and hot at the same time, ballooning and deflating without ever really disappearing. Discharging it through social media doesn't make it go away, it only grows. We can be quixotic, fight against it until we're exhausted without having made any progress. Or we can take a deep breath, relax into it and look for our own answers. There is truth in what we get mad at, it's just not the truth we're looking for. Anger is just a mirror showing us what we're avoiding in ourselves.