In a world overwhelmed with uncertainty and escalating crises, our attention is constantly consumed by a relentless present where we’re bombarded with everything that happens everywhere, all at once, all the time and it’s all accelerating. This excessive immediacy not only traps us in the present, but leaves us ill-prepared and powerless to envision alternative futures beyond the confines of our hyper-individualized, free-market culture. This body of non-representational work explores the affective, temporal tension between the spectacle of the present and the potential hidden within an unknown future. These improvisational paintings intertwine the past, present and future as I strive to simultaneously disrupt old habits, act in the moment, and move towards uncharted horizons. Yet, they don't proceed linearly. Instead, they delve into a form of time that's iterative and entangled, one that flows in diverse directions and at varying speeds. This flux is continuously shifting, expanding, contracting, and can be transformed or revitalized at each moment. My work is not trying to reference the optimism of a reductionist, modern utopia, nor dwell in the pessimism of a nihilistic, postmodern dystopia. Rather, the paintings strive to embody the hopeful, processual spirit of a protopia—embracing the discordant present while iterating toward a better, more viable and inclusive future state.