When I work in the studio it’s always in isolation. The solitude allows me to explore places unavailable if others were around. Yet, I am not alone. I bring with me my experiences, my mentors, my critics, my ego, the artists I envy, the sound of my kids’ voice that I hear in their texts, the feeling when that jerk cut me off on the way in, the disappointment of a lost sale, the color of the leaves in the Fall, the joke the barista told, my wife’s beautiful smile, the smoothie I had for breakfast, the gorgeous sunrise, the gloomy rain, the present the cat left me, the joy and frustration of getting lost in a painting. I may be the only person in the studio, but I bring with me all the things that make up my environment, my life. Sympoiesis is an acknowledgment that no one creates alone, nothing is created in a vacuum. We are not separate from each other or the world we are lucky to inhabit with so many other wonderful and terrible things. We all affect and are affected by each other, we are all a part each other’s lives. We are all a part of it all.